Bentley AutoPIPE Nuclear V8i Answers Need for Shorter Nuclear Plant Design

Newly Released Software Is Powered by ADLPipe and Enables Design and Engineering Professionals to Quickly Make Modifications and Find Solutions in Problem Areas

EXTON, Pa. - Jan, 27th, 2008 - Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for the infrastructure that sustains our world, today released Bentley AutoPIPE Nuclear V8i, powered by ADLPipe. This plant detailed design tool helps engineers, constructors, and owner-operators conduct extensive and more accurate modeling and stress analyses on aging and new nuclear power stations. To address the widely anticipated need for field-proven design methods leading to shorter nuclear plant design, site-licensing, and manufacturing cycles, AutoPIPE Nuclear V8i combines ADLPipe - the industry's most widely used standard piping analysis engine - with the innovative and productive modeling environment of Bentley AutoPIPE. One of the many benefits of Bentley AutoPIPE Nuclear V8i stems from its use of a CAD-like graphical interface with unique graphical-object, point-and-click, and copy-and-paste technologies. This enables design and engineering professionals to quickly make modifications and find solutions in problem areas. Current users of Bentley AutoPIPE Nuclear V8i include Washington Group; Shaw Stone and Webster, a unit of The Shaw Group Inc.; Fluor Federal Services; and AREVA NP.


With global demand for electricity expected to double by 2030, the cost of carbon-based energy sources climbing, and much of the world taking steps to sustain the environment by reducing carbon emissions, the building of new nuclear power stations is once again an attractive and viable option. As aging nuclear plants close, and the demand for new stations increases, a sizable investment in nuclear power plants by the U.S., Europe, India, and China is anticipated. With the release of AutoPIPE Nuclear V8i, powered by ADLPipe, Bentley is well positioned to support this growing commitment on the part of governments to the renaissance of nuclear power plant construction.

Among the major features of Bentley AutoPIPE Nuclear, powered by ADLPipe, are:
• Comprehensive analysis capability, including ASME NB Class 1, ASME NC Class 2, ASME ND Class 3, material properties database, Class 1 components and joint type, rupture stress criterion, and comprehensive fatigue evaluation;
• Bentley's rigorous quality assurance and reporting program that's in accordance with ASME NQA-1, ISO 9001, ASME N45.2, and 10CFR50 application standards. Also, concluding customer's audit felt the program meet the requirements of CSA N286.7. 
• ASME NB and NC code years that date to 1972 for maintenance and operation on existing nuclear plants;
• Japanese JSME PPC Class 2 piping code;
• Advanced analysis features integrated through wall thermal gradient, thermal stratification, fluid transient, seismic response spectra enveloping, and steam relief analyses;


• Bidirectional integration with STAAD.Pro for combined piping and structural analysis for more accurate engineering designs;
• User-defined static-load sets that provide unlimited static analyses that specify different design scenarios;
• Automated and user-defined stress combinations with powerful filtering capabilities that identify and solve complex problems quickly;


• Reliable 3D CAD interoperability with software products that include AutoPLANT, PDS, PDMS, PlantSpace, ProjectWise Navigator, and SmartPlant 3D for fast and accurate model creation;
• ADLPipe Translator to import and convert existing ADLPipe models.

Bentley AutoPIPE Nuclear V8i is part of Bentley's newly launched V8i software portfolio for infrastructure. Encompassing products for all of the solution communities served by Bentley, including roads, bridges, rail and transit, campuses, factories, buildings, power generation, mining and metals, oil and gas, water and wastewater, electric and gas utilities, communications, and cadastre and land development, the V8i portfolio leverages and extends core capabilities of its new interoperability platform to provide the breadth and depth of technology needed for fully integrated project delivery. Developed as a collective whole, the V8i software portfolio facilitates streamlined workflows among multiple disciplines and across project teams throughout the infrastructure lifecycle.

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