CONNECT Advisor: There's No Such Thing as a Silly Question!

NOTE: CONNECT Advisor is only available with AutoPIPE v11.1 through v12.5.

Some CONNECT Advisor questions we’re often asked are:

How do I install CONNECT Advisor?

If you’re running CONNECT Edition applications, CONNECT Advisor is automatically installed with your software. For those running V8i applications, CONNECT Advisor is available for download and installation from the Fulfillment Center.

Are LEARN subscriptions still available?

Good news on that front. While Bentley no longer sells Learn subscriptions, you can still access and use the LEARN Server just as you always have. Existing LEARN subscribers are actually grandfathered in through their SELECT CONNECT Edition subscription.

Is there an off-product version of CONNECT Advisor for users to look at on other monitors?

No, there is not. Users need to be connected to the application in order to harvest the appropriate information. So, it’s not available outside of the application. Content available through CONNECT Advisor is filtered automatically for the product in use.

Are there any features in CONNECT Advisor we should also be aware of?

Yes, the first is Expert Advisor. Let’s say you’ve created a CONNECTED project, with all internal and external team members added to that project. With the Expert Advisor, you can define the roles of each of those team members, including those individuals with specific areas of expertise, or who we often call subject matter experts. From inside CONNECT Advisor, you can collaborate directly with other project users in real-time, regardless of their physical location. Expert Advisor gives you built-in tools to share your screen, share files, text chat (which can be saved and searched), audio and video calling, and whiteboarding. Expert Advisor is a powerful compliment for your CONNECTED projects.

The second feature is CONNECT Advisor’s ability to leverage your proprietary content. Let’s say you’ve invested a lot of time and effort in developing your own knowledge base of information, whether that’s standards, workflows, best practices, training content, etc… but you need to keep that data internal and share it only with your team. CONNECT Advisor can integrate that content, right alongside Bentley-produced collateral, and puts it right at your fingertips. You can leverage this content using any Office 365 tools like Sharepoint, Yammer, and Sales Force Chatter.

How can CONNECT Advisor actually improve our project execution and time to market?

CONNECT Advisor helps you discover product functionality and procedures on your own. Whether it’s Bentley knowledge or your own organization’s knowledge, your designers can access this information for themselves quickly, without having to rely on other project team members for answers.

Can I look for courses using CONNECT Advisor for products that are not associated with the product currently in use?

Absolutely. CONNECT Advisor has two search levels. The first search routine looks through information currently related to the application in use and retrieves it. The second level searches information on a broader range for all Bentley applications.

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