Featured LEARNing: Virtual Classroom - AutoPIPE Advanced - February 17-20

AutoPIPE Advanced

17 February 2015 – 10:00 EST
Virtual Classroom, United States
Instructor: Jessica Portuese

In this course, you will determine the stress level and interaction of pressure loads on a pipe after adding various components. Skills taught include:

  • Modeling the following components: vessels, nozzles, valves, expansion joints, spacer supports, reducer components, elbows, miters, bends, tees, frames, pipe supports
  • Performing a nonlinear analysis and analyzing load sequences
  • Performing a dynamic analysis to capture pipe and structural interaction
  • Analyzing fluid transients on a single pipeline due to valve closures, pump shutdowns, flow changes, etc.
  • Analyzing submerged pipe and determining the force on piping systems due to water interaction

Note: This is a 20-hour class, scheduled for four consecutive days, Feb 17-20, beginning at 10:00am each day.