Public Notice – AutoPIPE and OpenPLANT Isometrics Manager (OPIM)

Public Notice – AutoPIPE V8i (SELECTseries 5) Maintenance Release 2 (v09.06.02.06) and OpenPLANT Isometrics Manager (OPIM)

To avoid the potential of being charged for overusage of OpenPLANT Isometrics Manager, DO NOT run the Bentley.Isometrics.App.exe file (installed by default in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\OpenPlantIsometricsManager V8i\OpenPlantIsometricsManager directory).

Instead, run OpenPlant Isometrics from within AutoPIPE by selecting File > Launch OpenPlant Isometrics Manager.

For further details on OpenPLANT Isometrics Manager, including licensing information; SELECT, ELS, MLS, and QLS Subscribers, click here.

To download a PDF of the New Features and Benefits of OpenPlant Isometrics Manager, click here.

To watch a recording of the AutoPIPE Isometrics Manager New Features and Benefits Webinar, click here.