Solar Thermal Plant in Africa used AutoPIPE for pipe stress analysis

Solar Thermal Power Plant in Africa used AutoPIPE for pipe stress analysis.

Shown below are the piping designs for the Steam Generating Systems, Superheater and Preheater Loops:



Besides using AutoPIPE for pipe stress analysis, the pressure vessels, preheaters / superheater heat exchangers of the plant can all be designed using Bentley's AutoPIPE Vessel software.

Few of the static equipment like the pressure vessels and heat exchangers from the above plant were later designed and modeled at Bentley using AutoPIPE Vessel from the equipment datasheets to demonstrate the capability of the software for vessel design.

AutoPIPE Vessel very conveniently designed the equipment with the input design parameters, few of the 3D models from AutoPIPE Vessel for the above samples are shown below, along with some of the heat exchanger tube bundle assembly and tubesheet: