Tubebundle and Tubesheet Design for Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers with AutoPIPE Vessel

29 September 2015
30 September 2015
01 October 2015

Accelerate the design of shell and tube heat exchangers with AutoPIPE Vessel’s set of comprehensive international design codes, ability to import thermal design data, and ability to export to major CAD applications.

Attend this webinar and learn how to utilize AutoPIPE Vessel for designing exchangers with complex tubebundle and tubesheet details. 

Sudip Ganguly, Senior Piping and Vessel Technical Support Engineer at Bentley Systems, will demonstrate how to: 

    • Quickly perform tubebundle and tubesheet design for TEMA type exchangers
    • Automatically generate tubebundle layouts
    • Ensure compliance with international and ASME codes
    • Automatically create detailed drawings and 3D models 

Discover how accelerating your tube heat exchanger design process with a comprehensive set of international design codes and automatic deliverables can improve your project performance.