Webinar for Code Updates in AutoPIPE Explained

Accelerate the delivery of compliant piping designs anywhere in the world with comprehensive and up-to-date international design code coverage found in AutoPIPE. Ensure your pipe stress and support or nozzle loads are modeled correctly with the latest release of AutoPIPE that includes code updates for pressure, piping, offshore, and gas piping designs.

Attend this webinar to learn how to take advantage of these design code updates through new workflows and features. Jessica Portuese, AutoPIPE Mechanical Application Engineer at Bentley Systems, will present new software features for: 

    •  ASME B31.1 2014 for Pressure Piping
    •  ASME B31.3 2014 for Process Piping
    •  ASME B31.4 2009 & 2012 for Offshore Liquid Piping Systems
    •  ASME B31.8 2014 for Gas Transmission and Distribution and Piping Systems
    •  EN 13480 Piping Code

Discover how these code updates can improve your pipe stress analysis workflow.