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Stress result

Dear Sirs,

In AutoPIPE, how can I know a stress (sustained, expansion) at a point is compression or tension? All of the stress in the result grid are positive so I cant know by its sign (- or +).

And if a pipe is bent, the stress will be tension in 1 side and compression in another side, so how can I know it?

Thanks very much!

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  • Maybe the compression or tension stresses can't be defined but what about the directions. Sustained - as I know it is axial stress caused by GR and P, Hoop stress is circumferential, but what about expansion, Operating?

    Does anyone know? Please help me, I have a meeting tomorrow and the questions will be asked ^^

    I will be very appreciated!!!

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    I have just found that in B31.8, and General codes, the Min long, Max long, shear, hoop, etc. All kinds of stress are shown, but why in B31.3 and some others are not?



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    It seems that everyone is busy! But I have found the reason why AutoPIPE provides Sustained, Expansion, etc. But it doesn't mention clearly about stress components which include shear, axial and hoop.

    I am doing B31.3 so the result grid doesn't show shear, hoop, axial stresses. Is there anyway that i could get them in AutoPIPE (under all load combination GR+P+T)? Because it will need for our crack evaluation (you know the different component will affect deferentially to the phenomenon).

    Thank very much.

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