Major Release – AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition (Version 11.0.0) is Now Available

Bentley AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition (Commercial Release – v11.0.0) is Now Available!

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Ribbon & Toolbars

The document below serves as a reference to map menu commands provided in the AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition (v10.01.00.08) release to the user interface provided in the AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition v11 release. The commands, keyboard shortcuts, and toolbars documented here reflect the default settings presented in the respective versions of the application. It should be noted that the default AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition v11 ribbon and toolbars cannot be customized; however, users can create custom toolbars and custom tabs within the ribbon. Refer to the main AutoPIPE help for more information on creating custom tabs and toolbars.


The document below serves as a desktop reference aide to some of the most commonly used AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition v11 commands and associated Hot Keys.

AutoPIPE Quick Reference Card V11.pdf

CONNECT Project Configuration Settings

2015 ASME BPV Code Sect. III Code Updates

Ratchet Stress Calculation Improvements

Gross Discontinuity Stress Improvements

ASME B31J-2015

B31J Flexibility Factors

B31J SIF Factors

Reporting Improvements

Above is an example of the chart that the AutoPIPE Report Manager can create. This chart was created using a filter to show any node that has a Y-axis displacement of greater than or equal to 1. This chart feature builds off of previous data filtering capabilities.

The AutoPIPE Report Manager can also create a pivot table to add more options to manage post processing for analytical models.

The General Stress results have been added to the Results Grids which also allows the results to be exported to an MDB file for post processing needs.

This enhancement is an output report code compliance formatting update. ISO 14692 evaluates each load combination via two types of stress equations: Hoop and Axial. AutoPIPE provides the maximum stress between the two. Users requested that Bentley introduce the original stresses for Hoop and Axial into the reporting for completeness. Note that for the new format, a carrot was added to the end of the stress type that produced the highest stress ratio for that load combination.

Bentley Catalog Services - Valves

Automatic Stress Isometric Split

OpenPlant Isometrics Manager - Improved Whitespace

PCF Translator Improvements