Major Release – AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition Update 1 (Version is Now Available

Bentley AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition Update 1 (Commercial Release – v11.01.00.23) is Now Available!

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Bentley AutoPIPE is a stand-alone computer aided engineering (CAE) program for the calculation of piping stresses, flange analysis, pipe support design, and equipment nozzle loading analysis under static and dynamic loading conditions. In addition to 30 piping codes, AutoPIPE incorporates ASME, European, British Standard, API, NEMA, ANSI, ASCE, AISC, UBC, and WRC guidelines and design limits to provide a comprehensive analysis of the entire system.

The commercial release of AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition Update 1 (v11.01.00.23) includes the following features:

  • General
    • CONNECT Advisor is now included to help provide easier access to Bentley LEARN materials and other training content.
    • Fluid Transient data can now be deleted from the model database.
    • Gravitational Constant and Water Density values can be edited (within the AutoPIPE.INI configuration file) for more accurate results.
    • The "Suppress Analysis Warning Prompts" option has been moved to the Analyze All dialog.
    • All segments in a model can be reordered based on a pre-defined ordering algorithm. This algorithm detects disconnected groups of segments in order, orders the header first and then each branch in order as it encompasses it.
    • Up to 30 user toolbars can now be created.
    • CONNECTed users now receive program update notifications and can download and install in a single step.

  • Analysis
    • Wind loads on structural members can be defined for more accurate results.  [Technology Preview ]
    • More memory has been allocated to support Time History analysis for more complicated models.
    • Reinforcement requirements for ASME B31.8 are now checked for improved Tee results.

  • Piping Codes
    • Added ASME B31.1 2016 edition.
    • Added ASME B31.3 2016 edition.
    • Added ASME B31.8 2016 edition.
    • Updated ASME B31J to 2017 edition.  [Technology Preview ]

  • Library
    • Added SA-508 materials to ASME2013.

  • Reports
    • The Preliminary Stress Report has been changed to Pre-Verification Stress Report in the Batch Report dialog.
    • The Damping Ratio has been added to the Analysis Summary Report/Harmonic Load Cases to provide easier access to data needed for quality assurance of models.
    • ASME NB stress summary reports now list the loadset pair generating the maximum stress ratio for each stress equation at each piping point.

  • Documentation
    • To ensure clarity of calculations, a note has been added highlighting that actual component dimensions are used for stress indices calculations in ASME NB.
    • Information has been added regarding the use of reinforced branch thickness for Branch connection B2r calculations for ASME NC/ND calculations.
    • The Use Nominal Thickness help topic has been improved by adding definitions for corroded and reduced wall thickness and usage.
    • A note has been added to the Load Summary Data Listing for the automated ASCE 7 Wind Cf calculation.

  • Modeling
    • When renumbering or renaming a point, the point is now renamed inside the Reference Point Reference ID.
    • To facilitate accuracy in model construction, a model consistency/design check has been added when the stiffness value for a support is set to zero.

  • Isometrics
    • To facilitate productivity, batch processing is introduced for isometrics generation.

  • Import/Export
    • Exported .imodel files are now compatible with Navigator CONNECT Edition.
    • Pipelink files are now compatible with STAAD CONNECT Edition (sqlite database).

  • PCF Translator
    • Program now automatically detects and displays a dialog to help map all un-mapped components in the PCF file.
    • Flanges are now mapped to a RIGID pipe with a point flange.

 [ Technology Preview ]

Technology Previews provide users preliminary access to features currently in development and not QA certified and therefore not yet ready for production (please read carefully: EULA). These features are provided at no additional charge to promote awareness of a feature or technology to be deployed in a future release. Users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions. To learn more about Technology Previews or to gain access, please create a Service Request (be sure to include "Technology Preview" in the Description field).