New Release - AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition v12.2 (Version is Now Available

Bentley AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition v12.2 (Commercial Release – v12.02.00.14) is Now Available!

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Bentley AutoPIPE is a stand-alone computer aided engineering (CAE) program for the calculation of piping stresses, flange analysis, pipe support design, and equipment nozzle loading analysis under static and dynamic loading conditions. In addition to 30 piping codes, AutoPIPE incorporates ASME, European, British Standard, API, NEMA, ANSI, ASCE, AISC, UBC, and WRC guidelines and design limits to provide a comprehensive analysis of the entire system.

The commercial release of AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition v12.2 (v12.02.00.14) includes the following features:

  • Piping Codes
    • Added BS EN 13480-3:2017 for design criteria and stress calculation of industrial metallic piping systems, including supports.
  • Reports
    • SQLite Input and Output reports are now certified for commercial use and employ improved dialogs, a progress bar, and maintain a standard and consistent text format. 
    • SQLite Input Listing reports have been improved to include more model coverage, printed in tabular format: Cut Short, Out-of-Roundness, Additional Weight, Hydrodynamic Data, User Weld Factor, Nozzle, Flexible Joint, and Anchor. 
    • The SQLite Report Manager is now certified for commercial use with the added ability to generate reports in Microsoft® Excel® and standard text format. 
    • The Time History Output report can now be filtered to remove very small numeric values (which are of no practical importance). 
  • Analysis
    • An option has been added to define and analyze gross discontinuity stress using a standard, more conservative method. With this method, a single value of gross discontinuity stress can be entered at a node point for each thermal case. 
    • The Support Optimization feature, used to identify optimal support solutions, is now available for testing to all users. [Technology Preview ] 
    • Corrosion allowance is now available for Flange Analysis. 
  • General
    • A logging mechanism has been added to capture the success/failure of program operations. This log file is a valuable tool for the Bentley Technical Support team to troubleshoot issues. 
    • The Open Recent Models dialog has been improved to expand the number of recently used models, show a preview of a selected model, and display relevant file details. 
  • Documentation
    • A Supplemental Documentation button has been added to the Help ribbon to access a set of Supplemental White Papers, How To Procedures, Tutorials, and Reference Information documents in PDF format within the main program help. 
    • Nonlinear Analysis diagrams and associated program documentation have been improved. 
  • Interoperability
    • Models can now be exported to a CAESAR II C2 file (compatible with CAESAR 2016 and higher). This eliminates the extra step of importing a CAESAR II neutral file and provides for more fidelity. B31.1 and B31.3 Piping Codes are also supported.  [Technology Preview ] 
    • The PCF Translator has been enhanced with a new user interface and context-sensitive help to improve the user experience and workflow. 
  • Isometrics
    • Isometric drawings have been improved to include updated support symbols for better visibility
  • Security Release Notes
    • Not applicable to this release. 

   [Technology Preview ]

Technology Previews provide users preliminary access to features currently in development but not yet ready for production. These features are provided at no additional charge to promote awareness of a feature or technology to be deployed in a future release. Users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions. To learn more about Technology Previews, please create a Service Request (be sure to include "Technology Preview" in the Description field).