Have an idea for improving AutoPIPE?

If you have an idea for something that you believe would make AutoPIPE or AutoPIPE Vessel better, please add your idea to the Ideas community (you must be signed in to submit an idea).

The more detail and descriptions you include, the better. Please, also include why you think the idea would be beneficial – specific use case scenarios often are the best way to do that.

Any member of this community can then comment on the idea and vote on it (either up OR down).

For full details on how the application works, please refer to the Introducing Community Ideas article.

The following statuses will be designated for all ideas posted:

  • New– The idea has been created, and is ready to be voted on by the community. This is the default status for new ideas.
  • Under Review – The idea is gathering support and being reviewed by product management to determine suitability for future consideration. Add your votes and comments.
  • Future Consideration – The idea has been reviewed and is now in consideration for future development. Continue to vote and comment to bring the best ideas to the top.
  • Complete – The idea is closed and has been implemented in a release.
  • Archived – The idea is not currently being considered for release due to reasons of practicality, strategy, or applicability. We appreciate your suggestions and encourage you continue submitting ideas.