New Release - AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition v12.5 (Version is Now Available

Bentley AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition v12.5 (Commercial Release – v12.05.00.16) is Now Available!

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Bentley AutoPIPE is a stand-alone computer aided engineering (CAE) program for the calculation of piping stresses, flange analysis, pipe support design, and equipment nozzle loading analysis under static and dynamic loading conditions. In addition to 30 piping codes, AutoPIPE incorporates ASME, European, British Standard, API, NEMA, ANSI, ASCE, AISC, UBC, and WRC guidelines and design limits to provide a comprehensive analysis of the entire system.

The following outline identifies new features and enhancements in the AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition version

  • Piping Codes
    • Added ASME BPVC Section III 2019 Rules for Construction of Nuclear Facility Components -Division 1 - Subsection NB - Class 1 Components.
    • Added ASME BPVC Section III 2019 Rules for Construction of Nuclear Facility Components -Division 1 - Subsection NC - Class 2 Components.
    • Added ASME BPVC Section III 2019 Rules for Construction of Nuclear Facility Components -Division 1 - Subsection ND - Class 3 Components.
    • Added ASME B31.12-2019 Edition Standard on Hydrogen Industrial Piping.
    • Added ASME B31.12-2019 Edition Standard on Hydrogen Pipelines.

  • Import/Export
    • Autodesk® Revit models can now be imported (using Fabrication-based components from a .PCF file).
    • Time History data can now be imported from an FRC file to generate AutoPIPE time history profiles and locations.

  • Interoperability
    • Implemented the iTwin Design Review Cloud Service to facilitate peer review of design work-in-progress deliverables. 

  • Reports
    • Microsoft® Word® templates for Input Listing reports used by the SQLite Report Manager have been enhanced.

  • Library
    • The Material Library Editor has been enhanced to display charts facilitating the review and checking of material properties.
    • A check to verify the integrity of shipped material libraries and block the use of modified libraries has been implemented.
    • The Material Library now supports material library source files (.SRC) hosted on a network.
    • The Material Library Editor now enables you to quickly open a recently opened material library source file (.SRC).

  • Analysis
    • Support Optimizer Locator Groups now accommodate up to ten assemblies (increased from a maximum of five).
    • The Support Optimization Process Priority can now be defined. The Windows Operating System shares processor resources between all running processes based on priority. The higher the priority, the more processor resources are allocated to the process and potentially faster execution.

  • General
    • The Auto Flange/Bolt check-box (Flange tab of the Flange Check dialog) has been modified to include Gasket dimensions.
    • Soil Points visualization can now be toggled on and off. The soil point symbol displays on primary points and on all intermediate points.
    • The title bar and text color have been enhanced to improve visibility. Title bar text is now visible in minimized and maximized modes.
    • The model name now appears first in the title bar.

  • Security Release Notes
    • Not applicable to this release.

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