New Release - Bentley AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition v12.8.5 (December 2023)

Bentley AutoPIPE 12.08.05 Edition (v12.08.05.027:2023-12)

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Bentley AutoPIPE is a stand-alone, engineering application for the calculation of piping stresses, fatigue stresses, fluid transient, bowing or thermal transient analysis, flange or pipe support design, and equipment nozzle loading analysis under static and dynamic loading conditions. In addition to 30+ piping codes, AutoPIPE incorporates ASME, JSME, British Standard, European, API, NEMA, ANSI, ASCE, AISC, UBC, GOST and WRC guidelines and design limits to provide a comprehensive analysis of the entire system.

Subscription Entitlement Service:
This product version utilizes Subscription Entitlement Service, which is not supported by SELECT activation key(s). Subscription Entitlement Service features new behavior to enhance your organization's user administration and security with mandatory user sign-in via CONNECTION Client to access the application. If you are already signed in to the CONNECTION Client, you have met this prerequisite. If you have not, please refer to the Administrator's Resource Center and/or contact your administrator for assistance in the registration and sign-in process.

Support Services and the Bentley Support Policy

The Bentley Support Policy describes the phases of eligibility for specific support services, and provides the current and planned support status for all versions of Bentley desktop applications , ProjectWise servers and services, and License Administration Services. Understanding the benefits and the support status for your software will help you to proactively manage your licenses for your organization.

      What is New & Changed in AutoPIPE

      The following outline identifies new features and enhancements in the AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition version

      • General
        • AutoPIPE Nozzle is removed from the installer.
        • Security Release Notes
          • Updated Power Platform to fix security vulnerabilities CVE-2018-9466 & CVE-2023-31038
          • Update Newtonsoft to v13.0.1 to remove security vulnerability Improper Handling of Exceptional Conditions in Newtonsoft.Json. Newtonsoft.Json prior to version 13.0.1 is vulnerable to Insecure Defaults due to improper handling of StackOverFlow exception (SOE) whenever nested expressions are being processed. Exploiting this vulnerability results in Denial Of Service (DoS), and is exploitable when an attacker sends 5 requests that cause SOE in within 5 minutes. This vulnerability affects Internet Information Services (IIS) Applications.