New Release - AutoPIPE v23.00.01 (December 2023)

Bentley AutoPIPE 2023 Edition (v23.00.01.367:2023-12)

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Bentley AutoPIPE is a stand-alone, engineering application for the calculation of piping stresses, fatigue stresses, fluid transient, bowing or thermal transient analysis, flange or pipe support design, and equipment nozzle loading analysis under static and dynamic loading conditions. In addition to 30+ piping codes, AutoPIPE incorporates ASME, JSME, British Standard, European, API, NEMA, ANSI, ASCE, AISC, UBC, GOST and WRC guidelines and design limits to provide a comprehensive analysis of the entire system.

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      What is New & Changed in AutoPIPE

      The following outline identifies new features and enhancements in the AutoPIPE 2023 Edition Minor Update 1 version
      • Piping Codes
        • Added ASME NB 2021 - Class 1 Components. The stress indices calculations for branch connections made with fillet or partial penetration welds [NB-3683.8 (e)] have been updated.
        • Added ASME NCD 2021 - Class 2 and Class 3 Components. ASME has combined ASME NC and ASME ND in to a single standard as ASME NCD. AutoPIPE now provides ASME NCD as a new piping code. There are no major changes in ASME NCD from ASME NC / ASME ND 2019.
        • Added ASME B31.1 2022 - Power Piping. This edition of B31.1 has updated the axial stress calculations for Sustained and Occasional categories. There are changes to some material properties that are available in AutoPIPE libraries.
        • ASME B31.12 Hydrogen Pipelines Code - Added support for using Option B for Hf calculations.
        • All ASME B31J consistency Warning and Error messages have been improved to provide more details.
      • Modeling
        • Rotational Supports is updated to better represent gapped supports.
        • Use SIF of 2.0 option for reducers in now enabled for B31J models.
        • Introduced importance factor for snow loading and updated default input units.
      • Reports
        • Word Reports - To improve report customization, users can now add merge fields to report header and footer.
        • Word Reports - Equipment report is now available for Word Reports.
        • Support Output Report headers for Local direction are revised to more accurately indicate direction of rotating support gaps.
        • Forces and Moments reports in tee local coordinates is now available for all piping codes.
      • User Interface
        • NEW Result Grids with new more powerful grid control. The new control provides functionality to Group results, Multi-column sorting, variety of filtering options, and Microsoft Excel like conditional formatting. The control also provides customizing header and footer for printing and print previews.
        • New charting tool used for graphed data.
        • Show options now displays labels for cut-short.
        • Load Combination dialog - A new column is added to describe inconsistency in combinations.
      • General
        • AutoPIPE program with all modules has been updated to 64 Bit.
        • Introduced QAR Entitlement for AutoPIPE licensing.
      • Interoperability
        • Enabled the offsets and rotation options for iTwin Analytical Synchronizer.
      • Security Release Notes
        • Update Power Platform to resolve security vulnerabilities CVE-2023-0286, CVE-2023-31038 and CVE-2023-45853.
        • Update Boost Libraries for security vulnerability (CVE-2012-2677).