Time History Post Processing Results

In a time history analysis, can AutoPIPE report the maximum stresses from a user specified time range? For example, between time 2 seconds and 4 seconds of a 6 second analysis? From the TH post processor, we can get the displacements and loads but not stresses

Background: We are doing a time history analysis for a PD pump discharge line where the time history loads are extracted from an AFT Impulse analysis. Since the loading throughout the system is essentially sinusoidal, there are several bend locations where there is a high load at time zero in the TIH file. This is interpreted as an instantaneous load resulting in higher than normal displacements and stresses in the first few seconds of the analysis. We would like to determine the maximum stress when the system settles out after about 2 seconds into the analysis.

AutoPIPE v9.6

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