Different Cases?.

I have been trying to see how Autopipe takes these different cases?. Do they take like 0 psi and 50F( my ambient temperature is 70 and I want to find out for 20F, (70-20=50F)) as case 1 and find out the displacement?.  Please someone let me know?.

  • These inputs are asking for the operating pressure and temperature values for the different operating cases in your model.  Remember to use the context help available in AutoPIPE, by pressing F1 on your keyboard while in any input field.  For instance, if you press F1 while in the Temperature field of this dialog for any case, the context help will tell you:


    Enter the pipe operating temperature to calculate thermal expansion stresses, which are obtained by subtracting the ambient temperature (entered in the General Model Options dialog) from this value. The default temperature is the defined ambient value.

    Additionally, this topic is covered in our AutoPIPE QuickStart Training Classes, which are coming up in January.  You can register on the LEARNserver, using the link below:


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