What circumstances would a vertical factor other than the default of 0.5 apply?


My team is curious what circumstances would one apply a vertical factor to seismic loading other than the default of 0.5. Are there any code and/or recommended practices that govern?

Thank you!

  • Hello Daniel, 

    AutoPIPE provides tools / features for people to use in modeling a multitude of different types of scenarios. It is up to the user to ensure that the settings are correct for their modeling needs. Some settings are just that, a default setting, it does not mean that it will fit all people in all cases. 

    To answer your question, for some users believe in using 1/2x, 1/3x, or 2/3x of the horizontal acceleration value for their vertical factor. Again it is for the user to decide what setting is good for them in what ever was being modeled. Suggest reviewing codes like ASCE 7 for recommended values. 


    Mike Dattilio
    Bentley Systems Design Analyst
    Design Engineering Analysis group