Flange Leakage ASME VIII DIv1 or 2

Good Morning, 

I have a query regarding flange leakage calculation module in Autopipe.

Sample flange data is for 10" 300# ASME B16.5 flange, connecting pipe schedule is 40. Hub length as per ASME B16.5 is 69.85 mm. 

Autopipe flange module also takes 69.850 as the hub length from material database .

As stated in ASME VIII ,Div 2 Fig 2-4 of Mandatory Appendix 2, if hub slope exceeds 1:3, hub length needs to be updated as per the correction factor for further calculations. 

Does Autopipe considers this correction factor in the flange leakage calculation or should this corrected hub length be defined by user in the input field itself.?