Hydrodynamic forces

I am using Autopipe advanced to model a subsea piping system.  There is a vertical pipe going from the surface to the seabed,  but this section is inside a caisson,  meaning it is sheltered from waves and current. Near the seabed,  the piping penetrates the caisson,  and becomes exposed to hydrodynamic effects.  Is there any way to assign waves and current only to parts of the piping and not to the entire model?

  • Good day to you Eivind, 

    Unfortunately at this time, Oct 2019, AutoPIPE applies wave loading to all piping within the water envelope,

    See attached model,  Water Surface (Show > Labels > Water Surface). Only Segments B and D are within the water envelope and thus are affected by the wave loading. Segments outside of the Wave parameters (segment A and C) are not affected by wave. 

    Group 1: Seg A, above ground, Seg B, under water, anchor at A00

    Group 2: Seg C, under Seabed, Seg D, under water, Anchor at C00

    Your request to add a feature to limit wave loading to specific segments has been added as an enhancement (102170). in addition, I have sent this to the development team today for review.


    Mike Dattilio
    Bentley Systems Design Analyst
    Design Engineering Analysis group


    The more requests logged per an enhancement, the quicker the CAE development team will add that feature to the program.

    in addition, AutoPIPE development priorities are based on strict rules: number of user requests, merit, importance, available resources, a clear scope of the enhancements requirements, impact on other part of the program, time required to implement, ROI, existing enhancement backlog, etc...

    The most important step, log an Service Request letting us know what you need.

    Attached file here

    Wave load.APC