Correct PCF file format for SmartPlant PCF to AutoPIPE Translator

I'm trying to import model of piping prepared in Autocad 3D Plant to Bentley AutoPIPE using PCF-file.  SmartPlant PCF to AutoPIPE Translator generates an NTL file, which can be successfully imported to AutoPIPE, but in the new model lacks many of parameters (there's no wall thicknesses, no materials, no pressures and temperatures). Only outside diameters of piping are good transferred. I've tried to manually change PCF file, but it wasn't an good idea. Could someone show me an example of PCF file which has all basic piping's data and can be correct imported to SmartPlant PCF Translator, and to AutoPIPE after that? Any suggestions about how to configure Autocad 3D Plant to get an correct PCF file will be also very helpful.