How to model victaulic mechanical tee threaded

hi, I should model a 1 inch threaded Victaulic type 730 mechanical tee on a 4 inch header.
I used the method # 2 exposed in the question "02. How to model branch fitting (i.e. tee, weldolet, ...) ...".
what type of sif should I use in ASME B31J ?!
I thought about using:
- in point B02 the value of the sif resulting from the calculation by formula of sketch 2.6 of B.31J in the Joint type 6 User SIF (or directly select the "Socket or Fillet Weld" type in the drop-down menu)
- the length of the section B02-B03 = length of the nipple of the Victaulic mechanical tee;
- in point B03 the I selected Threaded Joint from the drop-down menu.

Is it correct as an approach ?!

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