Underground pipe settlement for B31.4

I have a 12" valve station, above ground, on top of a new berm.  The berm settles 2".  Adding that info to the aboveground supports is straightforward.  There is a 2" drain line that goes from the 12" line straight underground, down about 3', then turns flat and runs about 12' out of the side of the berm.  This underground portion of pipe will be subject to settlement also.  How can I model this in AP?

Soil ID's are shown for reference, using AP 11.02

  • Imposed Displacement can be applied to soil points in the model as well.  As long as AutoPIPE sees a stiffness in the direction and at the point that the imposed displacement is applied, that imposed displacement will act.  Keep in mind that if a bearing spring has been defined in the direction of an imposed displacement, the point displacement might be partially absorbed by the spring.  So, if you apply a 1" displacement to a soil point, you won't necessarily see a 1" displacement in that load case in the results.

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