Help on setting up a combinations for support load in operating condition

Hi, for a pipe stress model I'm currently reviewing, I need to know the support load in the operating condition when it is also subject to a snow load. As I have friction on some axial guides, I suspect a lot of friction forces.

In my model, I have defined all thermal sets and occasional loads such as wind and snow. If I look at the default output/result, AutoPIPE provides loads at supports for individual loads like Gravity{1}, Wind{1}, Snow{1}, ETC. and some combinations, like GW1{1} and GT1P1{1}. The combination Im looking for, isnt there.

I have tried making both a new Code combination (say EXTRA1), and a new Non-Code combination (say EXTRA4). Only the latter case showed up when I reviewed the Support Loads. (side question; why arent new Code combinations not showing up in results, and only non-code combs?)

My first guess at a proper combination was wrong, as it had 0 movement and 0 lateral forces due to friction. My second attempt is below.

Would this be a correct definiton for a new combination, in order to find the support load when my piping system is subject to a snow load in the operating condition? Assuming snow load is first, so before lateral movement takes place, the friction force needs to be overcome.