AutoPIPE Nozzle PD5500 Shell Stress

We are trying to validate a PD5500 calculation carried out in another piece of software using AutoPIPE nozzle. However, the results we have been provided with include stress values for the shell, pad and pad edge. Whereas Nozzle provides values for the edge of pad and the edge of attachment only. Why does Nozzle not provide a value for the shell?

For the maximum buckling, maximum membrane and maximum stress intensities provided by Nozzle, which rows in PD5500 Annex G working form G3 do these correspond with?

  • Greetings, 

    In response to your inquiry, "Which rows in PD5500 Annex G working form G3 do these correspond with?" I am unable to comment on the relationship between the output values of AutoPIPE Nozzles and the form because I do not possess a copy of it.

    However, as you already know, this program calculates shell stresses due to local loading in accordance with the selected design code. See the following example output report (imaged below):

    Example: shell stresses report page

    The report :

    1. Provides results for Stresses at the Edge of Attachment and PAD (if configured)

    2. Orient the user to the direction of BS axis vs AutoPIPE Nozzle Global axis.

    3. Geometry orientation of the attachment on the vessel. 

    4. Detailed report of Forces, Moments, Stresses etc.. per load case on the vessel / attachment interface. 

    Notice on each stress page, the report details 4 quadrant locations around the attachment on both the outside / inside shell surface (imaged in red above,:

    • Q1 in/Q1 out
    • Q2 in/Q2 out
    • Q3 in/Q3 out
    • Q4 in/Q4 out

    Conclusion, AutoPIPE Nozzle reports may be different from other applications, however all of the code calculations are performed and results printed. 

    Mike Dattilio
    Design Analysis Engineering Group
    Senior Analyst Bentley Systems Inc