Can beam nodes/IDs be selected in the Time History Location (THL) file?

Hi, we have a complex model containing pipework and its corresponding structural supporting frames, and would like to apply a ground acceleration time history to the frame support points where they connect into the building structure. However, when selecting these in Time History Location, AutoPIPE (Version provides the following error message stating the beam nodes are "Invalid Point(s)". Pipework points and supports can be selected in the THL dialogue box. Is there any way to apply a Time History to beam nodes (or any neat workarounds suggested)?

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    Are you trying to do a Time history ground motion where the same THP is applied to all the supports connected to ground. Then you only need to perform the following:

    1. Define the THP (Time History Profile)

    2. On the Time history Dynamic Dialog created a new Load case, check the box for Ground motion and press the Define button to select the profiles (ex. Test) for the given direction (ex. X-dir) to be applied. 

    3. Run Analyze all. 

    4. Review results. 

    5. Done.

    However if trying to model a MSRS as a time history where one can define a particular spectrum for a specific set of supports attached to Pipes. Then create a THL (Time history location) file by using the dialog feature or manually as indicated in AutoPIPE help.

    There does seem to be an issue with adding a beam node point supported by anchor in the THL dialog (see image above and below). I have asked the development team to investigate the issue (713085). I will post more information on this thread after the development team's review and response.


    Mike Dattilio
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  • Greetings,

    The development team has fixed this issue in the newest release of AutoPIPE, version See Release notes here

    Again thank you for choosing Bentley Systems, Inc.

    Mike Dattilio
    Bentley Product Advantage Group Senior Analyst
    Bentley Systems Inc

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