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I have modeled riser and input guide clamps by guides with gap 5 mm preventing movement lateral movement, whereas the pipe can move freely in the vertical direction.
However, I extract the force load at support in gravity case, I saw that there are force in vertical direction and I can't imagine where they are from.

  • Unless there is an anchor directly above and below  the guide, Gr forces can bend horizontal runs above or below the guide and force the pipe to move side ways in the in the guide. Have a  look at the displacement animation for GR.

  • Whether the results are weird or not.  First, I see gap for this clamp is 5 mm but the pipe just moves 3.23 mm in x direction, the force is generated. ( I don't know where is the force from?) . Secondly, The pipe can moves freely in y direction due no support there. Where is the force from?

    I think the displacement in y direction due to soil settlement of bottom of riser.

  • Greetings, 

    I apologize for not providing a clear response in my last communication. 

    Please ignore all individual load cases (example, Gravity, Pressure, Temperature) and only look at the Operating conditions (example GRT1P1, etc..). If there are concerns about what is contributing to the operating condition, then look at the individual load cases for better understanding of which loads and magnitudes are contributing to results. It would have been better if you had provided a support report for the indicated node point. The report should contain the operating condition and all individual load cases that make up the combination.  This way I / others would have a clear picture of the issue. Also indicate what are the gap settings on this support.  

    Also, suggest to not use the floating results dialog, instead use the Results grids, checking load cases on and off as needed. 

    In this case, I see that the riser is not plumb, therefore there maybe a load on the support due to the gravity load if the support gap closes. I would definitely look at the animation of the various load cases to see how the model is moving. 

    Mike Dattilio
    Design Analysis Engineering Group
    Senior Analyst Bentley Systems Inc

  • I tried to understand the support results, I tried on other model that has gap 2 mm, and then I extracted the displacement results. From the results, I found that global displacement and local displacement are different. To me, they are should be the same, my understand is correct or not.

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