Hello, wave direction

I input the wave direction to the straight linepipe as above figure. I expect that the pipe will move in -x direction.

but when I see the results from this wave, the pipe move in positive direction as below figure.

Please someone kindly clarify this issue.

  • Greetings, 

    I tried to enter your exact values as you had indicated but there was no movement unless Coeff Drag and Inertia were greater than 0.00

    See here


    At this time, appears that the program is working correctly. Suggest that you generate a complete model input listing and complete model output report to ensure of the loads on the model. You may have more than one load per that load case / combination. 

    In addition, are you looking at results from a previous run, be sure that delete all results, rerun the model and again, show displacements. 

    Mike Dattilio
    Design Analysis Engineering Group
    Senior Analyst Bentley Systems Inc