Import Reference Point Allowable Forces & Moments into AutoPIPE


Is there any way to import the allowable forces & moments that we enter manually in AutoPIPE from some other application (such as Excel) via some compatible format (.pcf / .pxf or any other?)

I can see that if we export an "Input Databse (*.mdb)" file from AutoPIPE, the reference point data is also exported and visible inside the mdb file. But I cannot see any option to import the mdb file back into AutoPIPE.

Any thoughts on this?

  • Greetings,

    At this time, May 2022, AutoPIPE reference point dialog is not able to import values from an external file. However this may be an idea or a feature that other people may want. Always best to post any new enhancements like this to the AutoPIPE Ideas page, select Ideas tile at the top of the page and post your idea there. This will enable the whole of the AutoPIPE community to vote on your idea. Ideas with a high number of votes will be added to the program faster than through normal process. Also, know that these ideas are sent directly to the AutoPIPE Program manager for review. 

    With that said there is but one workaround at this time, Round trip the model: use File> Save-as> AutoPIPE Batch (NTL), open the batch file in any text editor, search for and modify the correct reference point card, save the file, use File> Open> AutoPIPE Batch (NTL), open the file, and review the file to be correct. 

    Mike Dattilio
    Design Analysis Engineering Group
    Senior Analyst Bentley Systems Inc

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