AutoPIPE - Earthquake and dynamic analysis with SAMs

Hi there,


I have an Autopipe model I would like to carry out Earthquake and Dynamic analysis with SAMs.

I have applied the static Earthquake case as shown below as an initial check.


I have also applied the response spectrum,(see below) adding support groups with corresponding imposed displacements (see R1, SAM case 1 example)

Imposed displacements:


Response spectrum analysis window



Case 1 definition window



Do the R1, R2… results, automatically combine the response spectrum analysis with the imposed displacements applied in S1,S2…?

Or do I still need to create a user define load combination to capture the response spectrum and the corresponding imposed displacements?

If so please could you elaborate on the combination I need to implement, providing an example for R1S1? 


Thank you for your help.



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