Temperatures and Pressures changing on multiple, unrelated points.

I am updating the temperatures and pressures throughout the model and found that some points on other segments are also being changed. For example, when changing a singular point, K04, to T1=700F, it is also changing points AR00 to AR02 to 700F as well. It also seems to have the same issue when changing any pressures. I've tried renumbering the points, reordering the segments, restarting AutoPIPE, restarting the computer, and even copying the segment, AR, deleting it, and re-adding it only to have the issue jump to another area in the model. I've opened the model on a co-workers computer and confirmed they are seeing the same issue. It seems to only be affecting this model, as I could not recreate the problem on other models. 

AP Version

I've added a couple screenshots showing the issue I am running into. The first photo shows the temperatures prior to changing the input (Point K04 circled in red, AR00 in blue) and the second shows the temperatures after only changing point K04 to 700F. 


Here is a video of the issue:

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