Stress Comparison of Version V11.03.00.08 and Version V12.08.00.063

We have modelled a 20” Pipe with fixed supports at both ends with a point load of 10kN at center, we have analyzed using DNV and found that there is some mismatch in Stress values between version V11.03.00.08 and Version V12.08.00.063.

All the relevant files (of the versions) are attached herewith and also find below the snapshots.

Kindly request you to check and advise what is the main change in the latest version?  Why there is change in stress even though formulas are same.

  • Greetings KR Kannan,

    I have removed your attached files as they contained sensitive information. I also noted that you are already working with Bentley Technical support (Manoj) on this issue. Suggest to you to log a Service Request in order to properly track this issue and continue correspondence to your satisfaction.

    Mike Dattilio
    Design Analysis Engineering Group
    Senior Analyst Bentley Systems Inc