Modelling a branch coming off an elbow


 Is there any easy way to model a branch coming off an elbow? Currently I model the elbow in sections and insert a tee at a point which is not considered part of the elbow by Autopipe. Is there a better way of doing this?

  • The recommended way to model a branch off an elbow is as follows.

    1. Modify the bend and check the option "Midpoint" to add a bend midpoint with suffix "M", e.g. A01 M

    2. Click at the midpoint and Insert a frame element with a rigid pipe cross section.

    3. Set the length of the frame element to the pipe radius.

    4. Click at the end of the frame and use Insert/segment that starts at end of frame point

    5. Insert a pipe run on the new segment

    6. Select the bend midpoint and Insert/Xtra data/User SIF and enter a modified SIF to account for trunnion condition. You can enter data from FEPIPE if available, otherwise you can enter tee SIF values if you have no other data.  You can temporarily insert a tee branch with similar Tee condition to have AutoPIPE calculate the SIF for you. Use the larger SIF from bend and tee.