Bentley AutoPIPE V8i SELECTseries 2 (Commercial Release - v09.03.00.08 English) Now Available!

Bentley AutoPIPE V8i SELECTseries 2 (Commercial Release - v09.03.00.08 English) Now Available!

The AutoPIPE V8i SELECTseries 2 version is a major release with 41 new enhancements.

This release includes the exciting new AutoPIPE / STAAD integration technology (PIPELINK). This technology is only available from Bentley and will dramatically improved workflows between Structural and Piping design disciplines, save hundreds of design hours and avoiding costly manual design mistakes in the Plant and Utilities worldwide.

3 major piping code updates are also available for B31.1 2009 Addenda, ASME B31.3 to 2008 edition, and CSA-Z662 piping code 2007 edition (including Offshore)

New major V8i SELECTseries 2 features include:


  • Show node points on beams in the plot
  • Improve graphics loading performance for model with large number of beams


  • Export input grid data to MDB file
  • Implement PipeLink to improve STAAD Integration


  • Include Czech hanger libraries Gradior and LPS
  • Add JSME 2008 material library
  • Update Section Libraries and use Torsion Inertia value from library when >=0.1
  • Add Russian piping component library
  • Add A671-CC70-22 to ASME2004 material library
  • Add SA515 60, SA515 65, SA182F22 cl.1 and SA387 22 cl.1 to ASME2004 library
  • Update material 1.4901 to 2007 values in Euromat library
  • Add ASME II 2009 addenda material library


  • Add ability to split frame members into multiple elements
  • Add 3D and 5D options to the Bend radius field
  • Ability to change the default bend radius
  • Option for stand double angle & double channel is to be provided in profile dlg
  • Add user defined fatigue curves
  • Add fluid type GAS to fluid transient fluids
  • Add ASME III 2009 User Fatigue Curves

Piping Codes

  • Add B31.1 2009 Addenda edition
  • Update ASME B31.3 to 2008 edition
  • Add CSA-Z662 piping code 2007 edition (including Offshore)


  • Reduce reports width to allow for page margins
  • Output Report: Indicate in report that results are outdated with model
  • Print original ADLPipe Thermal Transient Analysis results file in SI units


  • Reorganize open/save and import/export options under file menu
  • Add 4 new File > Import PCF menu options


  • Restrict Nuclear Piping codes to Nuclear Edition only

The Bentley IEG License Service MUST be installed to run any Bentley V8i edition of AutoPIPE.

For additional information on release notes and system requirements see the Readme document

PIPELINK Multi-User Workflow