Calculation of Code Combined Stress result

Hi there,

I'm trying to reconcile the stress results shown in AutoPIPE with what I would expect the code stresses to be based on the shown values.

The AutoPIPE code used set to ASME B31.4

Please see the screen shot below with reference to the highlighted line, the results of interest shown are:
- Hoop stress (Sh)= 180.41 N/mm2
- Max Long  (SL)= 317.05 N/mm2
- Combined (Se)= 362.84 N/mm2
- Shear stress (Ss)= 1.01 N/mm2

I'm currently doing a design to PD8010 so need to check for the equivalent Von Mises stress based on:

Se = (Sh^2 + SL^2 - Sh.SL + 3Ss^2)^0.5

Therefore using the numbers above - I calculate the Se to be 275.4 N/mm2, however as you can see the Combined stress reported by AutoPIPE (which I would have expected to be the VM stress as well) is much higher at 362.84 N/mm2.

Can you please help with clarifying how AutoPIPE calculates the Combined stress?