AutoPIPE's Most Wanted

AutoPIPE's CAE development team is constantly updating the program with new enhancements based in part on already logged enhancements  from Service Requests and our belief what users would like added to the program. However, we would like to provide another avenue for people to voice their opinion on what new features they would like in AutoPIPE. 

Please add your comments on what enhancements YOU would like to see added to the next version of AutoPIPE:






Mike Dattilio

Bentley Technical Support Analyst

  • 1. technical reference manual is necessary, it can be any format, caear II has this pdf file in program folder (c2TR.pdf), Stess engineer need to know math behind calculation

    2. expanson joint modeler to include different type expansion joint or flexable hose, such as, Tie-rod, Hinged....

    3. Victaulic rigid coupling and flexible coupling modeler,

  • 1. Slope presets.  It would be nice to be able to just say all piping has an 1/8" slope and then draw the piping and the horizontal pipe is already sloped for you.  You would be able to adjust the slope at any time, but the preset slope helps.

    2.  single sided support modeling.  Have seen this in many installations were a single support is used on a stanchion on a vertical line.  Imagine a vertical pipe, but with only a support on the North side of it, holding the load of the vertical line.  

    3.  Custom output report tables in excel format.  Mainly for support and anchor reactions.  Displacement is nice on occasion, but mainly concerned with the supports and anchors and pulling the operating, maximum, and occasional reactions.

  • 1. Comfortable exporting of 3D model to jpg or pdf format with high quality to include it in stress report.

    2. Direct importing model from PlantSpace or OpenPlant.

    3. Possibility to calculate pipe's total surface area.

    Also it would be good to add  "description field" to additional weight

  • 1. More grid compatibility with excel

    2. Wave loading in a grid format

    3. More complete reference manual

  • 1. Tool for measuring angles. It can be extended existing Tools / Distance or can be created standalone Tools / Angle.

    2. Result / Grids - add option Select/Unselect all Combinations or Types of support.