Major Release – AutoPIPE Vessel CONNECT Edition Update 2 (Version is now available.

Major Release – AutoPIPE Vessel Powered by Microprotol CONNECT Edition Update 2 (Version is now Available. The Most Comprehensive Software for Vessel Pressure, Heat Exchanger, and Tank Design Optimization

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Code Update - BS/PD 5500 2015

Code Update - CODAP 2015

Code Update - EN 13445 2015 Addendum

ASME VIII div. 1 Appendix 1-10

MAP (Maximum Allowable Pressure) Based Hydrotest (New and Cold) - ASME VIII div. 1 UG-99(c)

WRC 537

Added W Shapes

Undo/Redo Feature for Quick and Easy Editing of Model

Add Comments to Calculation Report

i-model 3D DGN Generation

GB-150 Chinese Pressure Vessel Code Update - [Technology Preview]