AutoPIPE Vessel Critical Defect- CODAP conical junction at small base without flare under internal pressure

Critical Error Warning Note

 There is an issue in AutoPIPE Vessel (version and all versions prior) regarding the verification of a small base of a conical junction without flare under internal pressure according to CODAP C2.3.7.

The area (G) under internal pressure (P) is wrong calculated and thereby the program may compute a non-conservative value of the actual force (G.P) which must be considered at the junction according to the formula (C2.

Currently there is no workaround available for the user to correct this deficiency and obtain the correct area. The user must perform an additional verification and so recalculate the area (G) (see attached spreadsheet “CODAP C2. - G Area.xlsx”)

This issue has been already fixed and the fix would be implemented for the upcoming release of the product (Connect Edition Update 5), scheduled in fourth quarter 2017.

An excel sheet has been provided for reference which can be used by the user as a temporary solution before the upcoming corrected version is released.

Please enter the values in the fields marked yellow.

CODAP C2. - G Area.xlsx