New Release – AutoPIPE Vessel 2023 Minor Update 1 (v44.00.01:2023-11) is now available.

New Release – AutoPIPE Vessel 2023 Minor Update 1 Powered by Microprotol (Version is now Available. The Most Comprehensive Software for Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Air Cooler, and Tank Design Optimization

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The following outline identifies new features and enhancements in the AutoPIPE Vessel 2023 Minor Update 1.

  • Defects

NOTE: Problems described below represent specific issues with specific test cases. It is difficult to succinctly describe a problem and how it impacted the specific test case. If you have any questions about the issues discussed in this report, please contact technical support.

    • Calculation / Report
      • #1286494: Flange with Clamped Bolts - Allowable Bolt Loads cannot be set by user.
      • #1292341: Earthquake EN 1998-1 - user-defined spectrum values are not correctly taken into account when a vertical spectrum is defined.
      • #1294580: Fixed Tubesheets HEX - The user-defined outlet chamber is replaced by a copy of the inlet chamber.
      • #1306151: GB 50011 (Chinese seismic code) - Vertical seismic actions are calculated but are not taken into account.
      • #1310352: ASCE 7-16 (Seismic Loads) : Clause is not correctly applied (exception regarding vertical load).
      • #1308007: Sliding Saddle - issue with user-defined length of the oblong holes.
      • #1292266: Component Design - Local Loads EN 13445 - Shear load value used as radial and shear load.
      • #1292370: Component Design - Anchor : calculation crashes.
      • #1292579: Component Design - Local Loads EN 13445 - RF Pad allowable stress issue.
      • #1297045: ASME VIII Div.2 - Nozzles - Verification of Shell Diameter / Thickness Ratio not applicable on Heads.
      • #1293545: Report refers paragraphs which do not exist in CODAP 2010.
      • #1295282: Bundle Layout: when Impingement baffle is not connected with side plates, program crashes.
    • User Interface / Others
      • #1301870: Bundle Layout - The nozzle orientation reference change is not taken into account in the cross view.
      • #1316588: Limpet Coil - the starting level can no longer be 0 mm.
      • #1292380: Component Design - Anchor : Weight vs Mass (kg instead of daN).
      • #640272: The Stress User Values are not saved when Specific Gravity User value is entered too in the dialog box "Material".
      • #1283609: 2D Drawings - Anchor Double Ring represented a Single Bearing Ring.
      • #1286156: 2D Drawings - WN Nozzle Standard flanges - hub dimensions issue.
      • #1286180: 2D Drawings - Legs Cover Plate issues.
      • #1286442: 2D Drawings - Some saddle configurations are not covered with new parameters.
  • Security Release Notes
    • CVE-2023-45853 security vulnerability fixed.