Error: FLANGE 17.03: gasket width insufficient ( minimum=54.365 mm ), the permissible gasket load is exceeded

The reason for this error is the calculation of Nmin, see below.


  • where in ASME VIII Div. 1 is the equation for Nmin defined?
  • Where in ASME VIII Div. 1 are the permissible gasket loads defined?


  • This is not mentioned in ASME, but this is a “good practice” which is mentioned in the French CODAP code:

    In case of flat gasket, unless tongue and groove facings are used or mechanical provisions (such as crushing limiter spacer or recess) protect the gasket against excessive tightening the force W should fulfil the following relationship: W <= 2 π N G y

    The user can disable this checking (see Gasket Tab):

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