Calculation problems of vessel on skirt—tailing lug,minimum thickness of skirt ,access hole in skirt for code ASME

1. 711 TAILING LUG : The tailing lug is close to the anchor but the weld area has not been identified => the lug is not considered as being on the anchor.

How to identified the taling lug on the anchor,so we do not need calcuate the local stress in tailing lug and skirt.

We need calculate the taling lug and anchor as a integrity , see the method in 《Pressure_Vessel_Design_Manual》 by Dennis Moss

2.minimum thickness of skirt 

For the design of skirt and anchor It is necessary to calculate the minimum thickness of skirt  as per the Brownell&Young_Process_Equipment_Design_Chapter_10,how APV consider this problem.

3.access hole in skirt for code ASME

We know APV calculate the access hole in skirt for EN13445, but we also want calculate this for code ASME VIII-1,I will be very grateful if you can increase this function.