AutoPIPE Vessel creep range material 1.4941 data and set up of the model caculation for 200 000h lifetime

How to set up lifetime 200 000h in AutoPIPE Vessel and get appropriate creep range data from EN 10216-5 catalogue? It seems that AutoPIPE has only 100 000h data available by default.

Thank you in advance!


  • hi, this has been answered separately in your Service Request: 7001251560. currently this feature does not exist, we have logged an enhancement for future implementation.

    Perhaps you may run a conservative estimate model with a manually input  value of allowable stress due to creep if you know the expected reduced allowable stress values due to creep.

  • It is very important to have implemented in VESSEL data tables for 200 000h and an option to select the designed lifetime, please. Also it is advisable to have implemented Par. 19 requirements from EN 13445-3 European Code.

    Yes, of course user may do it manually...

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