How to design a vertical pressure vessel partially jacketed: internal chamber with kloepper heads, external with flat ends on both sides and smaller heigth? (Pressure vessel with external cooling system)

I'd like to design a pressure vessel with an external home-made cooling system (also pressurized)?

Should I split it in two separated design? Then how to deal with the cooling system?

Or should I deal with an pressure vessel partially jacketed? But how to input the flat ends on both extremities?

Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Hello Sir

    You're right, the best option would be to model a partially jacketed vessel, which is not currently possible in APVessel.

    For the time being you should do as you said and model two separate vessels: one to calculate the internal part and the second one (must add the weight of the first part as an external load) to get the calculation of legs.

    As for the cooling system, unfortunately there is no good solution here.