EN 10222-4 P355NH Edition Issue?

We are facing following issue
1) Software: AutoPIPE Vessel CONNECT Edition V42 Update 3
2) Design Code: AD 2000-Merblatter (09-2016)
3) Flange Material: EN 10222-4 P355NH, Deign thickness : 214 mm
4) Edition of code EN 10222-4 used by software: 2002; thickness can be used upto 400 mm.
5) Latest edition of EN 10222-4 is 2017 but in new edition thickness is limited to 70 mm only.
Now inspector is telling that as per latest edition EN 10222-4 P355NH cannot be used for flange.
Is there any provision to allow this material to be used for thickness greater than 70 mm.
Please advise.