Horizontal vessel supports


I have a question considering design of horizontal vessel and their supports. Two of them, in fact. 

a) Saddle supports

In EN 13445, the saddles can be calculated as equipped with additional reinforcing plate between the saddle plate and the cylindrical shell (so there are two plates wrapping around the shell).

Is there any option to introduce such second reinforcement plate directly into the saddle definition and into complete vessel calculation, preferably without any smart workarounds? In the saddle definition tab I only see singular wear plate, which I guess is equivalent to what "saddle support without reinforcement plate" would be, using terminology in EN 13445. I know how to modify saddle dimensions itself as user specified, but did not found any option for introducing additional reinforcement plate.

b) "Ring" supports - saddles with stiffener ring

Similarily, in the EN standard there is a procedure for calculation of the vessel with external stiffening rings, that are essentially placed between the saddle plate and shell plate of the vessel. Can similar scenario be emulated within the Autopipe Vessel, so that saddle is not treated as connected to the shell, but to the stiffening ring?

I would be very grateful for your insights and propositions, even if after all, it would demand some smart workarounds through the software limitations!