Import Local, Global, AutoCAD, or Microstation pipeline coordinates file into AutoPIPE V8i 09.06.xx.xx and higher

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This downloaded file will provide the steps required to import coordinates from a pipe's center-line using the following methods:

- Local Coordinates - User must input data into a specially formatted MS Excel template file

- Global Coordinates - User must input data into a specially formatted MS Excel template file

- AutoCAD Coordinates - Automatically generated from an AutoCAD DWG file and directly imported into AutoPIPE

- Microstation Coordinates - Automatically generated from an Microstation file and directly imported into AutoPIPE  


1. This downloaded document can also be found in AutoPIPE's help: Contents> Bentley AutoPIPE> Supplemental Documentation> Import Coordinates from Excel to AutoPIPE Tutorial

2. Template file have 3 tabs, only information on the 1st tab on the far left (Corrdinates) will be imported into AutoPIPE. All other tabs (Notes & Example) are ignored.

3. The Excel file is case sensitive. The named components must be title caps, example use "Line" and not "line".

4. When importing Local and Global coordinate strongly suggested to use these specially formatted template files installed with AutoPIPE. These files can be found in the Template folder created when AutoPIPE was installed (a copy of these files are include in this download for convenience). 

Template files can be found on the users computer under:

a. AutoPIPE 10.xx.xx.xx: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\AutoPIPE CONNECT\Templates

b. AutoPIPE 09.06.xx.xx: C:\Bentley\AutoPIPE V8i SELECTseries5 Maintenance 2\Templates\

5. This feature is only available in AutoPIPE V8i v09.06.xx.xx and higher. When using AutoPIPE V8i 09.05.xx.xx and lower, use the procedure for importing X-Y-Z values into the input grids, see link here.

6. There is no direct method of importing a DWG or DGN file into AutoPIPE  because a general Microstation / AutoCAD drawing does not contain any intelligent components required for AutoPIPE (example: applied temperature & pressure, pipe properties, applied load cases, etc..). Therefore, the only AutoCAD object that can be salvaged from a these drawing  files is the center-line geometry. The rest of the missing data must be specified with in AutoPIPE after importing has been completed.

Trouble shooting:

1. An apostrophe at the beginning of every number in Excel file is an invalid format. Remove apostrophe from the start of any number.
2. Large coordinates, 7 digit values import fine, However, for 8 digit values the program gives a warning regarding values being too large > 1.0 e6. Cutting these values down under 7 digits will then import into the program correctly.
3. At this time, Jan 2021, excel file cannot contain formulas, only values
4. All Name items labels must start with a capital letter.

Example Video:


- Formatted data in Excel File based on units from AutoCad

- Data is extracted from AutoCad based on unit settings, for English files, typically inches unless indicated by a apostrophe ( ' ) which denotes feet.

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