PXF - Project Exchange Format.pdf

This document describes Rebis's PXF file format to enable users and third party developers to read and write AutoPLANT® piping models. The package contains field descriptions and sample model files.

This document include changes required to facilitate the new database structure of AutoPLANT 97. In addition, various documents describing different versions of the PXF file are consolidated. All previous versions are superceded. The document is based on PXF definition revision dated 6/22/92, which is implemented in AutoPLANT DESIGNER Version 11, 11.5, 12 and 13. Steel subsection is based on the PXF Definition, Steel Member Sub-document, Revision 2.3, dated Feb. 22, 1996.

For more information on importing PXF files into AutoPIPE see the following WIKI here