Script to utilize AutoPIPE StressISO license with AutoPIPE 9.6

Due to an expired third-party agreement, the AutoPIPE StressISO Add-on license has now been configured for checkout-only use. AutoPIPE 9.6.x and later no longer uses license checkouts, requiring a manual checkout to access the AutoPIPE StressISO module. This batch file was developed to provide an automated solution. To use it, please perform the following steps:

  1. Save the file to the desktop, and change its extension from TXT to BAT.
  2. Double-click the batch file to automatically check out a license for AutoPIPE StressISO followed by the launching of AutoPIPE.
  3. A Command Prompt window will appear and remain in the background as long as AutoPIPE is running. A user can optionally minimize the window, but it should NOT be closed. A message in the Command Prompt window cautions a user about this.
  4. Once AutoPIPE is closed, the batch file will automatically check in the license for AutoPIPE StressISO and close.

The batch file provides error handling:

  • If an error occurs when attempting to check out a license, the batch file will display a message indicating that a license could not be retrieved. It will pause onscreen. Once dismissed, the batch file will close, and AutoPIPE will not be opened.
  • If an error occurs when attempting to check in a license, the batch file will also display a message and pause. In such cases, a system administrator should be notified so that the license can be checked in manually.