AutoPIPE DGN export scale issue

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AutoPIPE's DGN export feature was removed from v., and has since been added back into v. There is a reported problem (now fixed in v. and higher) on the DGN side as they changed the seed file they were using.

The workaround for the issue is to replace the seed file to the one attached. The path to seed file is “[AutoPIPE Installation Path]\ APx64\Data\Seed\” . 

Example (default)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\AutoPIPE CONNECT v12\APx64\Data\Seed\

At that path rename the old seed3d.dgn to another name (example old.seed3d.dgn) and paste the updated one from downloaded here.

Now try to generate the drawing you can see correct measurements.

Should you have any further issues with this, please log a service request