Model Plastic Pipe in AutoPIPE

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How to model plastic (non-metallic) piping?

The attached document provides tips and technique with modeling non-metallic material (i.e. Plastic, PVC, PP, PPR, HDPE, PE, FRP, GRP, ABS, etc..) in AutoPIPE


1. This document was originally created for use in AutoPIPE V8i 09.05.xx.xx and lower. There maybe new enhancements and features in newer versions of AutoPIPE that would make modeling non-metallic piping easier. Review new version enhancement for details.

2. Details on adding or modifying the material library see Problem ID#: 71134, title: "AutoPIPE: Add a new material v9.0 & up"

3. See the Bentley Learn server module - Non Metallic Piping Analysis in AutoPIPE

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Product: AutoPIPE
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Problem ID#: 72413

  • Hi, I'm looking into modelling some ABS piping, for the allowable stress (using ASME B31.3) would you recommend using 0.32 x HDS x Temp De-Rating or base the allowable stress of the pipe on manufacturers allowable span/deflection limits (as per COADE Mechanical Engineering News April 1991/Ulu Pandan Stress Analysis Report - MF Feed System)? Thanks in advance.